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Hora is a brand of fine art craftsmanship on short series. They create long-life relationships and create tailored experiences and products for each client.


We all have a unique perspectives on things. Some people just see a canvas with spots, others the reflection of an artist’s deeper thought. Artisans are not so different from artists. They use a unique skill, passed down from generation to generation. This know-how is unique and defies time with audacity.

My friends at Le Cycle asked me to help them develop a complete brand identity that is cohesive yet flexible, representing the mission, vision and values of Hora. I had to find the right balance between modern art and ancestral expertise.


The creation of a symbol, ambassador of Hora. The Octagon, often referred to like France, is a symbol that offers several perceptions through one shape. Each person can have his own interpretation of it. It is a flexible icon that reflects the unique products Hora design for each client and needs. This variation offers infinite possibilities for the brand to evolve over time. The animation reflects flexibility and experience tailored to each client. The combinations of the color palette and typography choices give a statement of the refined and intimate brand that will be with you for decades.


All the photography and mockups are not coming from Hora products or content.
All credit to Dieter Vander Velpen for the design of those products and ambiances.​​​​​​​
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